Resolutions Passed At Annual General Meeting

BackApr 27, 2009
Pursuant to Rule 704(14) of the Listing Manual of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited, the Board of Directors of Mirach Energy Limited is pleased to announce that at the Annual General Meeting of the Company held earlier today, all resolutions as set out in the Notice of Annual General Meeting were duly passed, except for the re-election of Mr Lee Beng Cheng, Billy and Mr Chen Wei Ching, Vincent.

Mr Lee Beng Cheng, Billy and Mr Chen Wei Ching, Vincent did not wish to seek re-election as Independent Directors of the Company.

Consequent to the abovementioned, the Board now comprises the following directors:-

Mr Chan Shut Li, William (Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)
Mr Lui Che Kin, Gordon (Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer)
Ms Liu Mei Ling, Rhoda (Independent Director)
Mr Xing Heping (Independent Director)

An announcement in respect of the reconstitution of the various Committees will be made later.

By Order of the Board

Lotus Isabella Lim Mei Hua
Company Secretary
27 April 2009